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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Broder Chavcer ser Serpents on a Shippe

Wår goode wän Geoffrey Chavcer har warit å setth nya bloc-bvstern Serpentes on a Shippe! God vnderhållning, tydlighen:
Vp staires, Sir Sean did checke wyth the mariners and finde hem all y-slawe by the snakes, and the snakes had occupyed the wheel of the shippe and the mappe of navigacioun. And Sir Sean cam doun and toold Sir Neville and Sir Neville was passinge wroth and seyde, ‘That ys ynogh. I haue hadde it wyth thes cursed by Seynt George snakes on this cursed by Seynt George shippe!’

Laes hela referatet å hans blogge - om ni inthe är redd för spolare.

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